Lochlan's Peeps

We're supporting: 2021 Walk for Down Syndrome by Designer Genes of North Dakota, Inc.

Team captain(s) : Beth Nodland



18th Annual Designer Genes Walk for Down Syndrome 2021 is Saturday, Sept. 25. "Fun"raising from 10 - 11, Program and Walk from 11 - 12. North Dakota State Capitol. 600 E. Blvd Ave.

The opportunity to register online and get an official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirt is now closed.  We welcome you to support our mission by giving a donation to your favorite team.  Official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirts will be available at the Walk with a donation of $20.00.

We couldn't do what we do without the following partners and heroes

Please join us in supporting our favorite family support network:  Designer Genes of North Dakota!   Wherever you are, on Saturday morning, September 25, 2021, in person or virtually, take a walk with us to raise awareness about the awesomeness of our kids with Down syndrome.    Join Lochlan's Peeps team, make a donation, order an official t-shirt, and celebrate the day with us.   

Designer Genes has never ceased, from L's first day, to help him Live, Learn, Work, and Contribute in the community.  They showed up in the NICU on L's second day with one of their amazing New Baby Packets, full of books, information, a beautiful quilt, and boundless hope and acceptance.  They distribute over 20 of these "packets" of care each year in ND.   Unfailingly, since that day, they've helped us with our educational planning, with social events in the community, and with never-ending support for our family.    Please join us in helping to fuel their work serving 235 people with Down syndrome in 63 communities in ND. 

A contribution of $20 gets you an official t-shirt.   If you order through this fundraising page, we will pick up the shirts and distribute them to you.   If you want to reserve t-shirts through this site they must be ordered by September 13th to allow time to process before the walk.   Additional t-shirts will be available the day of the walk.   

As always, you can also just show up and walk with us on Saturday, the 25th.    Look for the Peeps.   Be one of Lochlan's Peeps!    

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