Grayson's Gang

We're supporting: 2021 Walk for Down Syndrome by Designer Genes of North Dakota, Inc.

Team captain(s) : Janean Rambough



18th Annual Designer Genes Walk for Down Syndrome 2021 is Saturday, Sept. 25. "Fun"raising from 10 - 11, Program and Walk from 11 - 12. North Dakota State Capitol. 600 E. Blvd Ave.

The opportunity to register online and get an official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirt is now closed.  We welcome you to support our mission by giving a donation to your favorite team.  Official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirts will be available at the Walk with a donation of $20.00.

We couldn't do what we do without the following partners and heroes

Hey Gang! 

I've had a pretty

busy year!  Some of the highlights include getting a puppy, going to bike camp, swim camp, and Camp Grassick, and starting middle school! 

When I'm not playing video games or basketball, you can usually find me riding my bike, singing along to my favorite songs, swimming, playing my cello, or working on my sweet ninja moves. 

I'm a lucky guy to have such an awesome gang!  Thanks for supporting me and all kiddos with Down Syndrome while we strive to Earn, Learn, and Belong!



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