Cristian's Gifted Bean Team - Walk for Down Syndrome 2021

by Cristian's Gifted Bean Team

We're supporting: 2021 Walk for Down Syndrome by Designer Genes of North Dakota, Inc.

Team captain(s) : Sandra McMerty



18th Annual Designer Genes Walk for Down Syndrome 2021 is Saturday, Sept. 25. "Fun"raising from 10 - 11, Program and Walk from 11 - 12. North Dakota State Capitol. 600 E. Blvd Ave.

The opportunity to register online and get an official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirt is now closed.  We welcome you to support our mission by giving a donation to your favorite team.  Official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirts will be available at the Walk with a donation of $20.00.

We couldn't do what we do without the following partners and heroes

Meet Cristian. He's the reason we WALK.

We think he's AWESOMESAUCE.

Many of you have the pleasure of knowing him personally. You are LUCKY people.

We are GRATEFUL people.

Many of you feel like you know him personally but have never met him. He is a bit of a social media maven. You are AMAZING people for the interaction, connections and acceptance you show him.

We are GRATEFUL and LUCKY people.

The DESIGNER GENES WALK FOR DOWN SYNDROME is an 18 year mission that we take very seriously. It is a personal journey to make sure the world knows, and especially our community, how great having individuals like Cristian in the world is. Individuals with Down syndrome are great employees, have relationships, laugh, love, and drop swear words, just like the rest of us. You see, we really are more alike than different.

Down syndrome is simply one of Cristian's many endearing traits. Other traits you may be familiar with include: WITTY COMEBACKS, FLY DANCE MOVES, QUESTIONABLE SONG LYRICS, and his INCREDIBLE HISTORY/GHOST/WWE KNOWLEDGE.

By making a donation here, you are shouting it LOUD and PROUD that you think Cristian and all people with Down syndrome have value. You are SUPPORTING those who lift up opportunity, like DESIGNER GENES, who help the "Cristian's" of the world earn, learn and belong.

We are GRATEFUL ... for YOU, for your SUPPORT, and the LOVE you have for Cristian and those like him. THANK YOU!

IMPORTANT T-SHIRT NOTE: By donating $20 or more on this site, you will receive the opportunity to get a WALK T-Shirt, and warm feels for supporting a great organization. This shirt is the Designer Genes "Official" 2021 Walk T-shirt. They are cool. You totally want one.

If you are looking for the CRISTIAN Shirt, here is a link to order the CRISTIAN 2021 WALK SHIRT (our family team shirts): Official Cristian Merch.  Orders will ship directly from the site to you and order early to receive by walk date. 

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