Bennett’s Buddies

by Sommer Jacob

Supporting: 2021 Walk for Down Syndrome for Designer Genes of North Dakota, Inc.

My Team: Bennett’s Buddies



The news of Bennett's extraordinary 21st chromosome was big news to us when he was born. All looked "typical" on the ultrasounds prior to birth so we had no reason to do any additional genetic testing. He arrived a little over 7 weeks ahead of schedule and on the 4th day they told us they suspected he had a chromosomal abnormality. A week later, the doctor confirmed Bennett had Down syndrome. The news was a shock and little did we know then, what was in store for us. We were filled with sadness and fear in those first weeks.

As Bennett spent the next several weeks in the NICU, Designer Genes was there for us. From the very start Roxanne help guide and reassure us. THANK GOD! Everything was such a blur.

As it turned out, our biggest fear would really come in the form of news that Bennett would need open-heart surgery to repair his congenital heart defect – A fairly common condition associated with individuals with Down syndrome. When Bennett was just shy of 6 months old, he had two holes repaired on his tiny heart nearly 8 hours from home, in Rochester, MN at Mayo Clinic Hospital. The surgery went well, but upon returning home, he developed a blood clot - landing us a trip back to Rochester for treatment. 

Bennett never stops surprising us! From his early arrival and the news of his heart defect to his continued progress and the joy he brings to everyone he meets; he has shown us there was never a need for fear or doubt. He's a thriver and his extra chromosome is just another extra special reason to love him!

We appreciate the support and awareness Designer Genes helps provide to our community and those of us impacted by an extra 21st chromosome. 

Thank you for your support for our family and this wonderful organization!

18th Annual Designer Genes Walk for Down Syndrome 2021 is Saturday, Sept. 25. "Fun"raising from 10 - 11, Program and Walk from 11 - 12. North Dakota State Capitol. 600 E. Blvd Ave.

The opportunity to register online and get an official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirt is now closed.  We welcome you to support our mission by giving a donation to your favorite team.  Official Walk for Down Syndrome t-shirts will be available at the Walk with a donation of $20.00.

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